Date of Birth:June 25th
Current Location:Germany--->Miltenberg
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brown-black
Height:1,52 metres
Band/Singer:LiL Mama,Natasha,P.Diddy
Song:lipgloss,hey hey hey,icebox,last night,...
Movie:step up,let the love begin, scary movie,honey,...
Disney Movie:highschool musical
TV show:desperate housewives,grey's anatomy
Color:pink nd blue
Pizza topping:salame....
Ice-Cream Flavor:vanilla
Drink (alcoholic):none
Store:new yorker
Clothing Brand:fishbone,adidas,nike,d&g,...
Shoe Brand:adidas,nike,graceland,...
Month:june nd august
Make-Up Item:mascara
Board game:have none
This or That
Sunny or rainy:sunny
Chocolate or vanilla:vanilla
Fruit or veggie:fruit
Night or day:day
Sour or sweet:sweet
Love or money:love
Phone or in person:in person
Looks or personality:personality
Coffee or tea:tea
Hot or cold:hot
Goal for this year:losing some weight
Most missed memory:beeing with mah baby
Best physical feature:hmm..i dunno
First thought waking up:i miss him so endlezz and i need him
Hypothetical personality disorder:hmm...beeing crazy
Preferred type of plastic surgery:hu?
Sesame street alter ego:....
Fairytale alter ego:...
Most stupid
Worst crime:i dunno
Greatest ambition:hmm...
Greatest fear:losing the people dat i luv specially my baby
Darkest secret:why should i tell?!
Favorite subject:french,english
Strangest received gift:an apple with a pen
Worst habit:i dunno
Do You:
Shower daily:usually
Like thunderstorms:what is dat?
Dance in the rain:yeah in mah garden
Play an instrument:nope
Get along with your parents:yupp
Wish on stars:yeah;D
Believe in fate:yes
Believe in love at first sight:nope
Can You:
Sew:lil bit
Speak another language:hell yeah
Sing:i think so
Touch your nose with your tongue:nope
Curl your tongue:nope
Have You Ever:
Been Drunk:nope
Been Stoned/High:nope
Eaten Sushi:neva
Been in Love:yeaaaaaaaah
Skipped school:dunno
Made prank calls:nope
Sent someone a love letter:yeah
Stolen something:yes
Cried yourself to sleep:huh?
Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person?`hmm..when they think dat they are the best
Are you right or left handed?right handed
What is your bedtime?11 o' clock mostly
Name three things you can't live without:my baby,injection,water
What is the color of your room?white
Do you have any siblings?yeah
Do you have any pets?yes:D
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars?neva eva
What is you middle name?have none
What are you nicknames?Jessy,Jess,Baby
Are you for or against gay marriage?no comment
What are your thoughts on abortion?if it could
Do you have a crush on anyone?if it must be
Are you afraid of the dark? i a 3 years old kid?
How do you want to die?in the arms of mah luv
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?hell...i dunno
Would you take a bullet for the one you love?i dunno
What is the last law you’ve broken?hmm...can'T remember
In a Member of the Opposite Sex:
Hair color:brown or black
Eye color:brown or blue
Heightmust be taller than me
Weighti dunno
Most important physical feature:lol...i dunno
Biggest turn-offif he has many ex girlfriends
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